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Join thousands who’ve discovered a profitable way to utilize cryptocurrency and earn passively with an A.I Trading Technology.

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Through our scale & extensive reach, our team is able to deliver a truly global platform

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With our Strategy 2030, we strive to become a global leader in circular economy solutions

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Halite Global is the world's leading and most trusted lending institution in the digital finance industry. Since 2018 Halite Global has strived to bring professional financial services to the world of digital assets. Leveraging the best of the team's years of experience in FinTech along with the power of blockchain technology, Halite Global empowers millions of people to harness the value behind their crypto assets, shaping a new, better financial system.

Halite Global is an ambitious investment and property asset management company, it's a quite experienced, registered in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments. We provide both marketing and financial technical advice and make investments wisely on behalf of our investors in diverse markets.

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Compliance Management

For Halite Global, promoting integrity means acting in accordance with our values wherever we do business. A key element of integrity is compliance with applicable laws.

Fully certified

Halite Global has established a compliance management system which ensures that FP Market‘s high ethical standards are implemented consistently and that operations comply with applicable laws. FP Market’s compliance management system is regularly evaluated and certified under the compliance certification standard IDW PS 980.

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An A.I Trading company devoted to your financial success.

Invest with confidence and benefit from the reliability of a trusted technology in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments. we provide both marketing and financial technical advice and make investments wisely on behalf of our investors in diverse markets.

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Our solutions are complex, automated and using the market's leading artificial intelligence trading technology, which aims at high profits within a short period of time in cryptocurrency market, foreign exchange market, stock market etc.

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Halite Global is fully Approved and officially registered company whose activities are regulated by the financial control authorities under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Accepting our terms of coorperation, you can be absolutely sure of getting a guaranteed profit and full return on your investment. We Trade and Earn. You share the returns. We have a strategy for growth based on achieving long-term results for our existing clients, while also improving the distribution and penetration of our products among new client markets.

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The Revolution In Management
We are known to work to the highest ethical standards of trading strategies. We are pleased to offer some of the most dynamic and high-performing trading and investments services available. As a leader in the industry, we’ve developed a formula for success that brings our full platform to every interaction and transaction. The combination of our global reach, industry expertise and diverse teams allow us to maintain our competitive advantage and partner with great management teams to build better businesses and make an impact.

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We have a wide array of investment plans for our investors to choose from.
Choose from the options below the investment plan which best suits you.


  • R.O.I: 1.25% Hourly
  • Minimum: $100
  • Maximum: $999
  • Duration: 8 Hours
  • Referral Commission: 5%
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  • R.O.I: 1.67% Hourly
  • Minimum: $1,000
  • Maximum: $3,499
  • Duration: 12 Hours
  • Referral Commission: 5%
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  • R.O.I: 1.25% Hourly
  • Minimum: $3,500
  • Maximum: $9,999
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Referral Commission: 5%
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  • R.O.I: 1.0416% Hourly
  • Minimum: $10,000
  • Maximum: Unlimited
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Referral Commission: 5%
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Halite Global

The depth and experience of our investment team allows us to be proactive in managing client portfolios. Discipline, attentiveness and patience do the rest. All our portfolio managers were trained to analyze public .We believe that superior investment performance is achieved through a skillful balance of three core attributes: knowledge, experience and adaptability.

One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that we provide the utmost flexibility and the most important insurance on funds being invested with us.we ensure far more confidence for our investors, secure their deposits to the utmost, and let us put all the efforts upon achieving the maximum business profitability.

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Why people all over the world are choosing us.

Here are some of the reasons why you should join us.

We’re proud to be an asset management company whose culture is driven by strong values and a long-term vision. At Halite Global, our vision, mission and core values serve as the catalyst in our relations with our clients, employees, shareholders and in the communities in which we live and work. They are our guiding compass in our business each day.

No Hidden Charges

No further maintenance fee, withdrawal fee or other hidden charges.

Trading Expertise

Halite Global is competent with a highly qualified team of professionals with a wealth of experience in cryptocurrency trading and exchange. We minimise records of loses by diversifying members capitals across different crypto investment portfolios.

Economically Fair

Financial limitations shouldn't be a barrier to your success. You can invest with a minimum of $100 and start earning like a pro.


After your investment contract has expired, your capital can be investment will be returned to you on request.

User Friendly

The investor's account dashboard is simplified and uncompounded with instructions to guide you and you can intuitively invest in different trading plans of your choice.

Invest with confidence

New level of capital security


Halite Global is secured

Guaranted protection. When we say that you are secured we really mean it. We have built one of the world most sophisticated security system that have never been compromised. Members records are kept confidential from third parties.


Fully regulated & invested funds are protected by insurance

Our company is fully regulated by the FCA and CySec and your funds are, additionally, covered by our insurance policy so you don't have to worry about losing your invested capital.



To get started, you need to create a new Halite Global Account.
Fill in the required infomrmation on the "create account" page to create your free Halite Global investment account.



Before you can purchase an investment plan and commence investing you will need to fund your account.
You can fund your investment account using Bitcoin.



After you have made an investment, you can sit back and watch your balance grow daily while our Trading Experts and our A.I trading system manage your risks for you.
You can withdraw your earnings (ROI) when they mature.

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